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Nanogrande and CRITM sign a $1.6 million agreement

Posté le 20/02/2017

Laval, Monday, February 20, 2017—Mr. Juan Schneider, President and CEO of Nanogrande, is pleased to announce a close to $1.6 million research and development project that it will co-finance with its collaborators, which includes the Consortium de recherche et d’innovation en transformation métallique (CRITM), a financial partner of Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovations of Quebec, and McGill University, also a CRITM member. This agreement will allow the refinement of metal powders 3D production protocols used by Nanogrande’s nanometric printers. Furthermore, this agreement includes the delivery of printers that will be used, among others, by McGill University’s researchers within this process of refinement of the production protocols.

“This is an important milestone as it will enable us to have a worldwide visibility. CRITM has several major partners such as Bombardier, École polytechnique de Montréal, ÉTS, Alcoa or the Innovative Vehicle Institute, which are based in Quebec. But there are also international players such as the Volvo Group Canada, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, and Rio Tinto, to name a few.”mentioned Mr. Schneider, CEO.


In addition to improving service to Nanogrande customers, this agreement will open the door to several new collaborations. Therefore, Nanogrande will reach fields like aerospace, medicine and microfabrication which are just some of the applications of this new technology. Moreover, it will promote an innovative and highly accurate technology which will provide an opportunity to establish Nanogrande as a leader in what is now defined as the fourth industrial revolution.


Mr. Schneider added that “we will allow members of the consortium of which we are part to be more competitive in the design of advanced metal products. At the same time, we will help reduce the ecological footprint of metal processing activities which constitutes one of Nanogrande’s most important values.


Nanogrande conceives, produces and sells the world's first molecular-scale additive printing technology. Nanogrande is merging nanotechnology and additive manufacturing, bridging the gap between semiconductors and 3D printing.