First Molecular Scale 3D Printing !

A true innovation in additive manufacturing !

Printers NG-1, NG-100 and NG-1000, enable the manufacture of components from the molecular scale and up, without limitation of materials such as metals, polymers, ceramics, carbon nanotubes, and many others. Particles covering a wide range, from 1 nm to the millimeter scale are used to form 3D objects of great precision. Our technology is the bridge between semiconductors and additive manufacturing.

The main benefits are:

  • High definition down to DNA scale
  • No limits of materials (oxides, metals, organic, etc.)
  • Manufacturing with fibers and unconventional materials
  • Ability to manufacture complex shape
  • Possibility of combination of materials
  • Rapid Manufacturing
  • Low cost


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Characteristics of inks and nanopowders

 Imprimantes 3D moléculaires

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